Colwell Lawn & Landscaping has been proudly serving the Carmel, IN area for the last 13 years. Our lawn care services, from lawn aeration to lawn fertilizing services, are incorporated into the full service lawn care business. What began as a side project grew into something much bigger. The first jobs were gained through new home sites and home owner’s associations, however we have branched out since then, doing both businesses and homes. There are a number of things that set Colwell Lawn & Landscaping apart from other lawn care and lawn fertilizing services. We are locally owned and operated. This makes a big difference in the kind of care you receive when comparing it to the major players in the industry. It is the small things that make a big difference, which includes service that goes above and beyond. Our owner actually goes to the job sites and handles incoming calls regarding his specialty services. You will get his expert opinion and personal recommendation for your specific lawn. That personal attention can’t be found in a national company. Some of the other things that differentiate Colwell Lawn & Landscaping include our commitment to customer service that goes above and beyond and the quality of their work. Our owner and the crew have a solid reputation as a top notch lawn care business in the area and we receive referrals because of the working relationships we create with each client. In addition, our employees are certified arborists. We fully understand plant and tree care. Our crew is able to identify various kinds of plant and tree species, figure out if the plants were correctly installed, choose the best place for the plants, create a maintenance plan and revive the unhealthy ones. The team is passionate about what they do and they share that knowledge and passion with their clients.