Here’s What You Need to Know about Crabgrass

Crabgrass is one of the most commonly misidentified weeds that appear in lawns. Just because there is a section of thicker grass that doesn’t match the rest of the lawn, doesn’t necessarily mean it is crabgrass. Often this is just grass of another variety, perhaps part of what was planted in your neighbor’s lawn or at a nearby park.25621935310_47ff3333ba_o

Real crabgrass begins to pop up when the soil temperature stays between 55 and 60 degrees for at least a week. Unlike other grasses, crabgrass grows close to the ground, more horizontally than most lawn grasses. Another way to tell regular grass from crabgrass is by its lighter, blue or green or yellow color.

When crabgrass grows in your lawn, it takes over all of the nutrients and water that the soil regularly intends for the grass to have. Just as weeds compete for nutrients in a garden, crabgrass does in your lawn.

In order to ensure that your lawn can grow strong and weed free, check out these 3 tips for preventing Crabgrass:

  1. Crabgrass doesn’t like to grow in shady areas, so keep your lawn taller by mowing at a higher setting. By mowing shorter, you allow the sun to reach the soil more easily, warming it up and making it an easy breeding ground for the crabgrass.

  2. Keep your lawn thick by seeding in, both, the spring and fall. Bare areas of your lawn are an invitation to crabgrass, so you should seed in the spring before it is warm enough for crabgrass to sprout and also in the fall after the crabgrass dies and there are thin areas of the lawn.

  3. Keep the areas of your lawn that tend to dry out from the sun watered often. Dry areas allows the grass to weaken and thin out, sending crabgrass an invitation to fill in.

If you notice your yard is struggling with crabgrass, contact Colwell Lawn & Landscaping. Matt Colwell and his team of certified arborists has been proudly serving the Carmel, Indiana area for over a decade, providing services, from lawn aeration to lawn fertilizing to yards just like yours. To learn more about these services and to see for yourself why Colwell Lawn & Landscaping is the perfect choice for you lawn, click here or call (317) 660-8794.

photo credit: wonderfully complex Mowing the Grass-1b via photopin (license)


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