3 Ways To Make Your Brown Yard Green Again

14268481033_2f14238c95_oFind yourself wondering if it will ever be possible to make your brown yard green again? The first step you must take toward saving your yard is diagnosing what is causing the problem to begin with. Is your grass brown due to drought? Insects? Improper mowing techniques? This article will help you determine which steps you should take in order to make your yard beautiful again.


Your grass needs at least one inch of water every week and without this water, it will go dormant. By watering your grass appropriately, you can both prevent the browning of your grass or simply treat it until it’s green again.

Weeds & Other Roots

Any plant with roots, such as trees or shrubs, are constantly fighting the grass that it grows around for nutrients and water. When the grass loses this battle, it begins to turn brown. This can be addressed through the use of a herbicide to prevent the spread of the weeds or mulching around trees and shrubs to avoid the battle for water entirely.


When chemicals that don’t belong in your grass, such as gasoline, are spilled, they can burn your lawn and cause discoloration. In addition, even the chemicals made to be used in your lawn can be hurtful to your grass in excessive amounts. Fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide overdose can be prevented through taking extra careful precautions, such as pouring chemicals in the driveway, rather than in your lawn. It is also important to follow all of the instructions, especially when it comes to the amount and the frequency of application.

Don’t have brown grass, but want to learn how to keep it that way? Follow these tips for keeping your grass green from HouseLogic.com

  • Aerate and add more seed to the existing grass in the fall, when weather has cooled and rain is likely.
  • Fertilize in spring and fall seasons, but don’t fertilize when your grass already is stressed or during drought.
  • Water your lawn early in the morning in order to combat fungal diseases. Watering deeply will help to nourish the roots.
  • During summer, raise the mowing height on your lawn mower to 3+ inches; the taller grass will shade roots and reduce water loss from evaporation.

If you notice your yard struggling to stay fresh and green, contact Colwell Lawn & Landscaping. Matt Colwell and his team of certified arborists has been proudly serving the Carmel, Indiana area for over a decade, providing services, from lawn aeration to lawn fertilizing to yards just like yours. To learn more about these services and to see for yourself why Colwell Lawn & Landscaping is the perfect choice for you lawn, click here or call (317) 660-8794.

photo credit: GmanViz 365 weekly theme, #21.5, in process via photopin (license)


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