7 Reasons Why Your Yard Has Brown Spots


29039017692_d33f243f14_oBrown spots in your yard are neither fun to deal with nor nice to look at, but you can get to the bottom of what’s causing these unsightly spots by following this checklist:

  1. Chemical Damage- If chemicals, such as gasoline, fertilizers and pesticides are spilled or applied too heavily, they can burn the grass.
  2. Using a Dull Mower- Dull blades can tear your grass, causing damage that can lead to gradual death.
  3. Low Soil Quality- The quality of your soil can vary throughout your lawn, but poor soil often happens in patches.
  4. Insufficient Water Supply- Did you know that your lawn needs one inch of water every week? Lawns that receive less than this are more likely to be affected by drought damage.
  5. Grubs- Most common in the summer, grubs are identifiable when you see your sod easily pull back from the ground.
  6. Insects- Chinch bugs are popular summer pests, known for ruining your grass near your sidewalks and driveways, but, other pests, like caterpillars, can also affect your lawn in the summer months.  
  7. Roots- If your grass is fighting against other trees and shrubs in your yard for nutrients and water, it’s likely that they’re often losing the battle.

Do any of these sound familiar to you? If you notice your yard struggling to stay fresh and green, contact Colwell Lawn & Landscaping. Matt Colwell and his team of certified arborists has been proudly serving the Carmel, Indiana area for over a decade, providing services, from lawn aeration to lawn fertilizing to yards just like yours. To learn more about these services and to see for yourself why Colwell Lawn & Landscaping is the perfect choice for you lawn, click here or call (317) 660-8794.

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